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The Insanity of the 2nd Amendment

The recent shooting in Tucson, Arizona has me thinking about gun laws recently. I have found this topic to causing to fixate and become paralyzed with anger. I couldn’t figure this out originally. I live in Canada, have never been … Continue reading

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Why are we funding Homophobia?

My former high school board Halton Catholic Board has decided that gay-straight alliances are to be banned because they are against the churches teachings. What progressive movement isn’t against the churches teachings?: “We don’t have Nazi groups either,” rationalizes board … Continue reading

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Dear Charles Lewis: You call that thinking?

You need to back to school. Holy Post has a lovely piece about how we, atheists, don’t really understand religion or believers, and by lovely I mean something closer to “go fuck yourself”: You know who they are: Christopher Hitchens, … Continue reading

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Religious Privilege and Roxanne’s Law

It’s been awhile. I’ve had job applications and thesis work. Hopefully I’ll be able to get to previous posting levels. Roxanne’s Law is a proposed amendment to the Criminal Code of Canada. For some context, Roxanne Fernando was a 24 … Continue reading

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Where are all the liberals?

Not surprisingly the democrats fucked upped the midterm elections. Everyone saw this coming from a mile away. Since then I have been contemplating a few things about politics and politicians who are left leaning: What happened to all the liberals … Continue reading

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Religion and Politics

These are the strangest of bed fellows. This is not a recent trend, but it is still one I can’t stand. It has become even more prevalent in the states due mainly to the Cordoba Islamic Centre in New York … Continue reading

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Does Scalia even read his speeches beforehand?

This article about Scalia is full of contradictions and oddities. It begins with the following: Scalia outlined a long list of Christian beliefs that he said are greeted with derision by the worldly — dogmas including Christ’s divinity, the virgin … Continue reading

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Is the Catholic Church so desperate for members they’re willing to claim fictional characters as members? Apparently so. I wonder if they glazed communion wafer.

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The Hypothetical World and the Catholic Church

Tim Moyle has the latest anti-abortion screed over at Holy Post. It’s an exemplar of the Catholic Church’s way of thinking. Take a position and never change your mind no matter what new information comes to light, or apologize 400 … Continue reading

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Stupid Questions

And don’t tell me they don’t exist; This isn’t kindergarten. A few blogs I read wrote about the importance of asking the questions. The art of asking questions is an important tool in learning new information. However, there has always … Continue reading

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