Where are all the liberals?

Not surprisingly the democrats fucked upped the midterm elections. Everyone saw this coming from a mile away. Since then I have been contemplating a few things about politics and politicians who are left leaning:

What happened to all the liberals who would stand up for a women’s right to choose? Or affirmative action? Or responsible immigration policy? Or many other civil rights?

The current democrats seem to be the most feckless, undirected, incoherent political party in the world. They let the minority dictate both houses. Although the senate dysfunctionality seems to be ridiculous nature of the filibuster. They let anti-choice members of their own party dictate the structure of the healthcare bill which shows how toothless they are. They never seem to run on what they have accomplished even if the list is huge.

I think the democrats need a better house whip; The republicans house whip works fairly well. Hell, I even miss the republican liberals. I do not know enough about Nixon’s entire presidency to say whether he was good or bad for the US or the world. However, his environmental and civil rights policies, including the clean air act, the desegregation of schools, and ending the Vietnam war, were all significant.

So please liberals, stand up, have some spine. You are in the right more often than the party of “no” and “no new ideas.”

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