Stupid Questions

And don’t tell me they don’t exist; This isn’t kindergarten.

A few blogs I read wrote about the importance of asking the questions. The art of asking questions is an important tool in learning new information. However, there has always been a class of questions that has annoyed me: This class is the “why?” class. The perennial favourite of children and the religious. (One day I may share the story of how, as a child, I was the second most annoying child at Hallowe’en using questions.)

Not all why questions are stupid, but a large number of them are. The major problem with this type of question is that it is asked far too early in a discussion or academic endeavour to have any significant meaning, or it is unanswerable.

For example, “why does the gravity exist?” Physics is working at resolving questions about gravity. If and when this is done, we can then consider the above question. However, asking such a question is completely loaded. What is even meant by such a question? Are we to take it that gravity has some intent or specific purpose in this universe? If it is the affirmative, what possible purpose is gravity suppose to have? Surely, these questions, if answerable, will be answered by information obtained by physics. As such the question is essentially pointless until more is known.

However, the dumbest question I’ve ever heard is “why are we here?” The only answer to such a question is “because your parents decided to have sex and the condom didn’t work.” Any other answer presupposes that humans have a specific purpose in this universe. A purpose that has never been demonstrated to any human being or to many humans. These humans never seem to have the same message, their messages are never verifiable, and of course, never to be questioned even though they never wrote these messages. So can stop asking this absolutely ridiculous question?

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