Not surprising

Agnostics and atheists know more about religion than believers at least in America. This isn’t shocking mainly simply because most agnostics and atheists I know left religion because they knew what the religion was teaching whereas religious people stop learning after their parents stop teaching them. This is not always true but neither are statistics.

My favourite comment so far is from Charles Lewis:

The Roman Catholic Church’s most fundamental teaching is that the bread and wine used during communion are transformed into the body and blood of Jesus. This belief is what separates Catholics from Protestants and is a core sacrament of the Catholic Church. Yet, 45% of Catholics believe the bread and wine are mere symbols. That lack of knowledge is akin to owning a car and not knowing what the steering wheel is for. Father Len Altilia, a Jesuit priest in Toronto, said the real presence of Jesus is the “source and summit” of Church teaching and what brings Catholics close to God. But Father Tom Rosica, also of Toronto, was not surprised: “It is an indication of terrible education and confusion among our people.”

Not knowing what the steering wheel does might result in some people dying while not knowing that the Catholic Church teaches transubstantiation will just cause to piss your pants laughing.

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5 Responses to Not surprising

  1. extro1 says:

    Been reading you blogs since you commented on mine and I like your writing a lot, keep up the good work.

  2. Ahab says:

    If there was ever a time to focus on religious literacy in America, it’s now. Our world is getting smaller and more interconnected, and we need to understand the beliefs of our neighbors if we are to co-exist with them.

    • atfelix says:

      I agree that coexistence is important. However, this poll indicates that it’s the believers who don’t know or understand what their religions believe or at least some trivia/doctrine affiliated with the respective religions.

      • extro1 says:

        I wonder if this reflects a growing discontent or disinterest in religion or that less and less, at least in this part of the world, that religion is becoming less important than family, school, friendships…etc. Perhaps some combination of things.

        • atfelix says:

          i think there are many possibilities of why this is happening including family, friends, and school. i think our knowledge of everything else is vastly outgrowing our knowledge of religion despite being more knowledgeable about religion than other things. this is probably due to fact that religion facts don’t change over time whereas other areas of knowledge continue to grow and remold and look for new ways to answer old and new questions. Religion tends to ask questions that they don’t want answered, at least organized religion does.

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