Where is this fantasy world and why can’t I find it on Google Maps

Christina Alarcon is living on in a dream world:

As health care providers, pharmacists are at the frontlines of medication provision. Should euthanasia be legalized, we would be likely participants. This is significant, as another [Canadian Healthcare Network] poll on conscience showed that 58% of pharmacists would be willing to sell products or provide services that conflict with their own moral beliefs. Thus, only 42% might resist providing deadly concoctions to their patients.

In Belgium, pharmacies have been selling euthanasia kits since 2005. As medication experts, should pharmacists not be standing firm in killing the pain without killing the patient? Dr. Pippa Hawley, pain management specialist at the B.C. Cancer Agency, believes this to be the case.

Not only is she convinced that in the vast majority of cases pain can be managed, she also knows from experience that we have all the technological armament at our disposal to provide relief without resorting to killing our patients. You may have heard her knowledgeable and inspiring comments on Rex Murphy’s Cross Country Checkup last October.

First off, the plural of opinion or anecdote is not fact. Secondly, since when does 42% classify as “only” in any kind of argument? Finally and most importantly, the vast majority of pain is not what we are talking about. We are not talking about pain that can be dealt with Tylenol or Morphine. We are talking about pain that will last until someone dies or has to be put in a coma. We are talking about terminal illnesses like ALS, MS where suicide is a major cause of death.

So, Alarcon and, more specifically, Dr. Pippa Hawley believe they are killing their patients, which is a complete load. These diseases are killing their patients. As far as the “it happens anyway”, I don’t know anyone who makes these claims, nor does she provide any. Not to mention the fields of medical research in these areas are continuing.

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