When burning your own property makes a criminal

Six men in Britain have been arrested for “inciting racial hatred”. I’m interested in this case for a couple of reasons. The obvious ones being it’s about religion and freedom of speech, but the more important reason is free speech laws in Canada are limited.

MediaWatchWatch is completely accurate on this issue:

As the video clearly demonstrates, these men are idiots. They are EDL supporters, and racists to boot. But what they did is not – cannot be – illegal.

They were arrested on suspicion of “inciting racial hatred”. Not only is Islam – represented here by its holy book – not a race, but the only hatred that such an act is likely to incite would be directed at themselves, and would come from a particular kind of Muslim.

The racial and religious hatred law, for all its faults, was not designed to prevent you from committing acts which make other people hate you. Otherwise every homosexual, fornicator, and abortionist would be under arrest for inciting the hatred of some religious loon.

They’re more than just idiots; They’re cowards, but the last time I checked cowardice and idiocy are not crimes. If they are, we should all be imprisoned, especially the politicians who enact such a stupid law.

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