Charlatans at work again

In Christchurch, homeopaths are preying on distraught people:

Homeopathic medicines may greatly help children, animals and adults feeling frightened and unable to sleep from the Christchurch earthquake” says co-presidents Jem Maber and Susanna Shelton from the New Zealand Council of Homeopaths.

Homeopathy is an effective and safe form of medicine that can be used for all ages and can assist people who are traumatised return to a more normal mental, emotional and physical state. Not being able to go to sleep, waking in the night feeling frightened or having frightening dreams is often a consequence of a traumatic experience and homeopaths are trained to recognise these patterns and can recommend homeopathic medicines that often quickly reduce the symptoms.

As I explained earlier, homeopathy is just really expensive water. I agree that the people of Christchurch need help, but by no means is homeopathy is medicinal as claimed. The symptoms described above subside with time and support from the nearby communities and the aid organizations whether you take water pills or not. These homeopaths are just trying to make a quick buck. Some disagree, but are missing the point:

In the case of the people of Christchurch, if even one person finds some positives in using homeopathy to help them recover from what has clearly been a traumatic event, then it’s difficult to see the harm.

The harm is in the fact that this will cost Christchurch money they will soon need. The earthquake has cost at least $2 billion in damages and many were without power and water:

The latest Christchurch City Council update reads:

  • 15 to 30% of city still without drinking water
  • Main areas of difficulties are Eastern suburbs and Halswell
  • Two pumping stations in Avonside Drive have been severely damaged
  • 6 other pump station have been damaged
  • 500+ buildings have been damaged with over 90 in inner city.
  • However this includes fallen chimneys.
  • Council is now shutting down broken water mains so pressure in the rest of the system can increase
  • The water supply is back on in Diamond Harbour
  • There may be whole streets without water for several days.

(The main council office also drolly notes on its site that “We’ve moved!”)

So homeopaths, please stop peddling this crap and get a real job.

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